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Welcome to the world of Powerstorm's very own Filipina Superheroine, Miss Philippines where you can get the knowledge of her and everyone who lives in Emeline's hometown, Santo Manuelito and beyond. The creator of his own Superheroine has plans to make a Powerstorm Wiki, which will contain all of the content from the Miss Philippines franchise, to the other realms of the Powerstorm Multiverse like the one set in an alternate Modern times, in the 1930s, one set in the far future, etc.

List of Worlds as seen in the Multiverse

For the guide where you can know about the Multiverse, see this page. It's currently in a WIP.


Follow these rules of the Wiki, as we want all of you to be friendly to each other, not to have war. If you break the rules, you would be blocked for 3 weeks and break them more, you'll be blocked for 2-4 months.

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